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Senior computer programmer, analyst and currently a PhD. researcher at the Digital Interactions Research Group at Open Lab, Newcastle University. Mohammad got his BSc. in computer science in Jordan 2005, then granted his MSc. in network systems from the University of Sunderland 2007.

At Open Lab Mohammad's PhD focuses on harnessing the crowd to fulfil what automated computational algorithms failed to do so.

Previously, I have been working as network administrator, computer programmer and analyst. I have successfully launched my IT outsourcing company in 2011, see company's website Opescode, where we develop e-commerce, content management systems and static html websites, as well as mobile apps.



  • 2014
    Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

    Human Computer Interaction - PHD

    Open Lab, Newcastle University

    Supervisors: Prof. Patrick Olivier, Dr. John Vines and Prof. Peter Wright

    This PhD I investigates innovative crowdsourcing systems that support the collection, analysis and feedback of speech and eye tracking data in real-world scenarios, focusing on crowdsourcing to fulfil what automated computer algorithms failed to do so. This PhD is part of MyPLACE project, a three year collaborative research project between Newcastle University, Northumbria University, Newcastle City Council and Newcastle’s Age Friendly City initiative, funded by EPSRC. The aim is to develop digital tools and approaches to support public health, and engagement with local councils and other organisations in the research, plan and design of an age friendly city.
  • 2006
    Sunderland, UK

    Computer Networking System - MSc

    UNIVERSITY OF Sunderland

    In this MSc. I gained lots of experiences on building, managing and testing network systems and infrastructure.
  • 2002
    Amman, Jordan

    Computer Science - BSc

    Applied Science University

    This is where I learned programming for the first time. The degree covered many programming languages and scripts (i.g. Java, c, C++, C#, Html, assembly), advanced physics, math and statistics, networks and computer engineering
  • 2011
    Darlington, UK

    CEO & IT Consultant


    Working closely with clients to help them achieve their goals through technologies. Building web, desktop and mobile applications as well as personal and enterprise websites
  • 2008
    Darlington, UK

    Senior Computer Programmer and Analyst

    Exis Technologies

    Responsible of many web, desktop and API projects. At Exis Technologies we collaborate with IMO to computerise the International Maritime Dangerous Goods regulations for safer DG transportation over the sea. We also work closely with a good number of the biggest shipping lines in the world to produce necessary booking and validation tools.
  • 2006
    Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

    IT Specialist

    EMAX Group

    Building and maintaining the company's IT infrastructure. Supporting the company's internal and external employees and customers with their IT related matters.




Mobile Crowdsourced Speech Assessment to Support Self-Monitoring and Management for People with Parkinson's

Click here to read the published CHI 2016 paper

We present Speeching, a mobile application that uses crowdsourcing to support the self-monitoring and management of speech and voice issues for people with Parkinson’s (PwP). The application allows participants to audio record short voice tasks, which are then rated and assessed by crowd workers. Speeching then feeds these results back to provide users with examples of how they were perceived by listeners unconnected to them (thus not used to their speech patterns). We conducted our study in two phases. First we assessed the feasibility of utilising the crowd to provide ratings of speech and voice that are comparable to those of experts. We then conducted a trial to evaluate how the provision of feedback, using Speeching, was valued by PwP. Our study highlights how applications like Speeching open up new opportunities for self- monitoring in digital health and wellbeing, and provide a means for those without regular access to clinical assessment services to practice—and get meaningful feedback on—their speech..


A Crowdsourcing System to Support the Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language therapists and researchers (SLTRs) spend considerable amount of time assessing clients’ progress and appraising therapy methods. This process is lengthy, complicated, and demands listening to, transcribing and rating a great deal of clients’ prerecorded speech. This paper investigates the process requirements and the validity of crowdsourcing platforms to fulfill, and build online crowd communities of volunteers to support speech and language therapy (SLT). This project links Speech and Language therapists with a pool of naive listeners to judge and rate children's speech intelligibility.


A Crowdsourcing Alternative to Eye-tracking Pupil Detection and Fixation Labeling

Current eye-tracking technologies have number of drawbacks when it comes to practical use in real-world settings, such as high levels of daylight and users that wear spectacles and eye make-up. To address these challenges we introduce CrowdEyes, a low-cost eye-tracking technology crowsourced analysis pipeline. We present a pupil detection task design for crowd workers; demonstrate the high-levels of accuracy of crowdsourced pupil detection by comparison with leading pupil detection algorithms; and show the utility of our crowdsourced analysis pipeline through a gaze fixation object-labeling task. We validate the accuracy and robustness of harnessing the crowd as an alternate to automated pupil detection algorithms, and explore and model the crowdsourcing costs.



CMS Web Development

Exis Technologies


Exis Technologies - CMS Web Development

Worked with Delarge Design to produce this fully managed and responsive site. The site allows Exis to create and archive news items, events and media coverage, as well as adding customers and partners plus more other features.

Visit the website on the following link www.existec.com

Website Development



IZ'tudio - Website Development

Our client - a photography studio, needed a fully responsive website to display their services and portfolio across all devices.

We drew a creative website, with the user friendly interface to match client's expectations and services. Inside the gallery we used the Masonry Grid Layout to display the images from their best. In order to support the user friendly interface we applied the font easy to read. In addition, we provided the client with the Control Management System (CMS), fully operated by them.

Mobile app (iOS, Android & BB)

DGL Lite


DGL Lite (iOS, Android and BlackBerry)

Our client needed a mobile application for quick and easy access to International Maritime Dangerous Goods IMDG Code information contained in the dangerous goods list.

We developed iOS and Android mobile applications as a quick reference for companies involved in the transportation of dangerous goods by sea.

Get it on Androidon iTunes andBlackBerry

e-commerce CMS web Development

Hazcheck Systems


Hazcheck Systems - e-commerce CMS web Development

The client requested a web application to deliver and sell their systems globally over the web. We offered them a multilingual web application managed by Umbraco CMS for selling their systems online using our shopping cart solution. In addition, we are providing the consultancy service for the client to connect this website to their websites and applications.

CMS web development

Iris' Creative Portfolio


Iris' Creative Portfolio - CMS web development

The client needed a fully responsive website to display her photography portfolio, selection of creative writing and other services work across all devices.

We used the author's works to draw the individually designed website, with the user friendly interface, Masonry Grid Layout to display the images from their best and the font easy to read, and the Control Management System (CMS), fully operated but the client.



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